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Why budbiz media ?

The Cannabis Industry has been negatively stigmatized for far too long. It is BudBiz Media’s mission to work with cannabis or cannabis related businesses to help tell their stories in the best possible light in order to drive consumer engagement and get results. We utilize the power of video marketing to give brands unique voices that attract their target audiences.

Because consumers are spending more time watching online video content than ever before, video marketing has become an extremely powerful tool for influencing consumer purchasing decisions.

BudBiz Media will work with your Cannabis Business to create custom branded product videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos, and promotional videos that will gain trust with your audience and help sell your product.


Brady Gilliam
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Brady Gilliam is the founder of BudBiz Media. Brady has worked in the commercial filmmaking industry for over 8 years and has extensive knowledge in the creation of branded video content for growing businesses. Having grown up in the Midwest, Brady has witnessed the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and the people who use it. He has seen how the illegality of cannabis has ruined lives. As states progressively move toward legalization, Brady has brought it upon himself to help end the negative stereotypes regarding cannabis through the use of video content. Brady would love nothing more than to put your cannabis business in a positive spotlight, tell your story, and help you sell more products!

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